Ready to move your life forward?

I’m glad you’re here—and you will be too.

After traveling the world in search of powerful transformational teaching methods, I learned a profound lesson...

The most effective way to move forward comes from acting from a position of self-authority. You take charge of your own development - everyday!

 I am going to show you how with a proven practice called “The Self Coaching Method.” You’ll learn how to get present, access your inner authority, appreciate and trust yourself and take action—with confidence.

Whether you choose to attend the free seasonal webinarbegin the “Be Your Own Best Coach” program, or are considering working with me 1-1, I look forward to joining you in the adventure.

   Alan Steinborn

   Alan Steinborn


I am loving what I am learning in these sessions. I am finding great value for myself and others are enjoying me more, too. I’m so grateful!
— Meri Walker, President, Success Metrics, Austin

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When you can move forward. Our most popular program “Being Your Own Best Coach” will show you how. Learn a systematic way of engaging your thoughts so you can move forward in the crucial areas of your life.

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I had read and read so many self help books. It has come to the point that there won’t be a magic book that would guide me through this process. These sessions were a profound experience. I got deep inside and I found the inspiration within. What you’ll learn is self respect, self-empowerment, and self-coaching.
— Jon Rojjanasirat, Chiropractor, San Francisco


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